NAVRISK Mobile App Provides Access to Claims Data 24/7

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NAVRISK Mobile App Provides Access to Claims Data 24/7

Measure Performance and Analyze Data in Real Time from Apple or Android Devices

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (Tuesday, April 29, 2014) – DAVID Corporation, Inc., a San Francisco-based insurance technology firm, is pleased to announce its NAVRISK Mobile SAP Explorer app for iPhone, iPad or Android devices, as well as other popular tablets. The new software enables users to access real-time data and reports to measure performance and key decisions on risk and claims management.

The new program reduces the time and expense of sharing useful claims data with constituents, through a rich graphic interface that allows users to drag and drop as well as use click-through filters to display key views of their data. The app also includes data security encryption by user to limit data displayed based on their security access privileges. Additional features of the NAVRISK Mobile app include:

• Automated push reports of NAVRISK data to your smart phone and tablet users;
• Access to dynamic exploration views based on any information source;
• Ability to discover, explore, and personalize your favorite views;
• Seamless access to critical information in online and offline modes;
• Ability to share results instantly and collaborate with others from your device

Mark Dorn, DAVID Corporation President and CEO commented on the announcement, “Putting the NAVRISK Mobile app in the hands of your key performers will improve their competitive edge, enabling them to search for, categorize, and explore specific data, and act upon that information from anywhere. It’s a huge leap forward for clients looking to leverage the power of data quickly and efficiently.”

For more information about the NAVRISK Mobile SAP Business Objects Explorer mobile app, contact Sarah DeFilippis at 860.841.1992 or visit Booth #367 at the RIMS Annual Conference, April 27-30. More information is also available at

About DAVID Corporation

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