CIO Insider Names DAVID Top Ten Core System Provider

//DAVID Corporation recognized as a Top 10 Core Systems Solution Provider by Insurance CIO Outlook

DAVID Corporation recognized as a Top 10 Core Systems Solution Provider by Insurance CIO Outlook

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – (December 16, 2016) – – DAVID Corporation, Inc., a San Francisco-based insurance technology firm, is excited to announce DAVID Corporation and related the NAVRISK VISION program, was awarded a 2016 Top 10 Core Systems Solution Provider by Insurance CIO Outlook.  The award recognizes and credits DAVID Corporation products and customer service with this recent success.  “Clients and prospects are happily moving onto the new platform, and that means we built it right,” states Mark Dorn, President & CEO. The acknowledgment comes after DAVID released their leading-edge cloud-based solution, NAVRISK VISION.  The system incorporates thousands of key functional requirements for risk, claims and policy management aligned with instant-on analytics,  3rd party forms and compliance integration.

Users appreciate the elegant way the NAVRISK VISION workflow is integrated to support their key activities including Diary Management, Risk Management, Claims Adjusting, Litigation Management, Medical Management and Return to Work. The product interface offers not just one, but four easy to use navigation options for users and is a comprehensive solution set with lots of personalization capabilities for a quick go-live.

In line with their NAVRISK VISION program, DAVID has also developed a new industry technology and term—Risk Performance Optimization (RPO). “The NAVRISK VISION program is a complete platform for RPO that combines KPI’s, scoring algorithms, dashboards, reporting and analytics into one platform. The data is synced within the platform to empower faster user actions on real-time data issues and to provide faster execution of strategic objectives,” explains Dorn, who further highlights the benefits of a new RPO shared platform to manage resource investments and improve productivity.

DAVID Corporation continues as a pioneer in the alternative risk insurance market, developing optimization tools that maximize risk manager, adjuster and administrator time to increase high-value outcomes and strategic decision making throughout the organization. “We help move our customers from defense to offense,” continues the company’s leader. We leverage always-on data analytics and reporting to give users the tools to make small acute decisions on each policy or claim throughout the day.  These add up over time to exciting, real-world cost savings and productivity boosts which are big influencers on the bottom line.

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About DAVID Corporation

DAVID Corporation has a 31-year history as one of the premier technology companies servicing the risk, claims and insurance markets. The company has one of the longest-serving uninterrupted independent commitments to clients in the industry. DAVID Corporation provides proven products, comprehensive cloud-based technology, and best practices that help clients reduce their total cost of risk as well as solve challenges in claims administration, underwriting, rating, policy management and reporting.

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