One of the biggest challenges facing workers’ compensation claims managers is the complexity of compliance. NAVRISK VISION Claims includes powerful EDI integrations utilizing partnerships with HeathTech EDI to alleviate the pain in submitting and following up on WC claims.

Challenges Met

NAVRISK VISION Claims brings you the power of a completely seamless electronic data interface (EDI) system. Automating tasks and complex data submissions with a user-friendly experience that will increase your staff’s productivity and allow them to fulfill state requirements in less time. In addition to our robust software offering DAVID Corporation offers these technology services: data migration, hosting, and ongoing service upgrades and maintenance. Our customer satisfaction is among the highest in the industry, and we specialize and providing a complete solution to your claims management needs.

Our core EDI functions provide a level of surety in processing through every stage of a Worker’s Compensation claim and greatly reduce processing errors, false submissions, and prolonged time lapse during the process. Let’s face it, EDI State reporting is arduous. But, relying on an automated solution like the out-of-the-box integration between NAVRISK VISION Claims and HealthTech EDI ensures the claims are submitted correctly, on-time, and with the least possibility of rejections or need for resubmission. The net result of this touch-less process is a time-savings on processing that greatly improves adjuster employee morale, efficiency, and accuracy.

EDI Core Functionality Covers:

  • Editing claim entry and updates
  • Claim Extract Rules and Layout
  • EDI Vendor Processing
  • Import Automation
  • Auto Triggers
  • MTC Codes and Rules Verification
  • State EDI Submission by VAN Data
  • Exchange or Secure FTP

Download the NAVRISK VISION EDI Datasheet

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