Must-Have Personalization Features For A Winning Claims System

//Must-Have Personalization Features For A Winning Claims System

Must-Have Personalization Features For A Winning Claims System

User Experience (UX) is the leading factor in cloud software adoption and satisfaction among new users, often migrating from a legacy or document based system.  The key to developing a usable product is enabling the client to configure the system out of the box (OOB), to meet organizational needs and quickly realize a return on investment. NAVRISK VISION is among the most flexible, adaptable systems in the RMIS, Claims, and Policy Management space. It moves beyond just basic configurations, to employ smart features and functionality that mirror specific workflows, as well as data needs pre-determined by the user.


LEVEL 1 – Strategic Tasks related navigation using dashboards for executive users to access high-value data or service KPI topics.

LEVEL 2 – Workflow related navigation of users to speed up claims adjusting and policy processing to yield productivity gains and better outcomes.

LEVEL 3 – Direct Navigation for basic new and existing data tasks.

The pre-configured OOB set up capabilities empowers organizations to mold the system to meet organizational requirements and begin realizing productivity savings from Day 1.  Being easy-to-use takes great product design and a long-held understanding of customer needs and goals. NAVRISK VISION has removed the need for costly customizations to the code base and provides a vast array of configurable features that maximize ease of use, security, reporting, and data hierarchy.

The combination of user-configurable options, sound data structure, industry-leading hosting, and predictive analytics empower DAVID clients to often achieve a 10-20% productivity savings that are available to RMIS, Policy, and, Claims users ready to leap to a truly innovative solution.  When matched with a motivated organization and a vested leadership, the system takes on an impressive capability that can be transformative.  NAVRISK VISION opens to a completely configurable home screen, where the user can arrange smart tiles to mirror their daily work experience needs.  The personalization cuts down on clicks and navigational time, pushing daily tasks to the forefront and delivers a fun workspace.  NAVRISK VISION offers over 20 critical points of configuration spread across four distinct groups:

  • Data Configuration
  • User Interface (UI) Configuration
  • Security Configuration
  • Reports and Documents

NAVRISK VISION provides the industry’s most powerful, easiest to use, adaptable user interface. Let it leverage your time and skills for better outcomes.

Download our Ease of Use Datasheet for the full list of configurable
options available to NAVRISK VISION users.

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