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DAVID Corporation believes in partnering with best-of-breed technology and consulting companies that bring additional value to our clients through complementary products and offerings including management tools, health-related data reporting, document management, predictive analytics and loss control.

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DAVID has relationships with the following organizations:


Hyland Software is the developer of OnBase, an enterprise content management (ECM) and process management software suite. Applications of the suite are used in healthcare, financial institutions, insurance, government, higher education and manufacturing.

What it Does:
OnBase is a single enterprise information platform for managing content, processes and cases.  OnBase has transformed thousands of organizations worldwide by empowering them to become more agile, efficient and effective. OnBase provides enterprise content management (ECM), case management, business process management (BPM), records management and capture all on a single database, code base and content repository.

Value-add to DAVID Clients:
NAVRISK-OnBase integration is available as a configurable option that allows a user to pass the claim information to OnBase and view/upload documents to the claims. Clients also have the option to use the OnBase Workflow module to create more complex integration.


Franco Signor is the nation's recognized leader in Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Compliance. We provide innovation and comprehensive MSP compliance solutions that leverage our experience and leading technology platform.  Our management team is comprised of individuals who have provided innovative solutions in this complex arena since 2001. At Franco Signor, we understand the individual nature of each client and claim and employ a unique and comprehensive "Four Phase" approach to provide the correct solution every time.

What it Does:
SMART Comply provides business intelligence, dashboards and monitoring of Medicare correspondence for NAVRISK clients to handle MMSEA Section 111 data.  This service platform utilizes proprietary business intelligence to manage claim workflows, identify MSP issues, track progress of resolution, and store MSP related correspondence in a safe and secure central repository.

Value-add to DAVID Clients:
The NAVRISK Medicare module facilitates the exchange of claims and Medicare data with Franco Signor. The module is automated to be run on a pre-defined schedule but can also be configured to run on-demand.   


HealthTech is a leading supplier of Workers' Compensation Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) products and services. Our EDI reporting family of products allow filing for any type of business such as a self-insured, carrier, or third party administrator. HealthTech supports the IAIABC Release 1, Release 2 (Iowa), and Release 3 standards and is currently in production in all three releases. Additionally, HealthTech supports state proprietary reporting standards. HealthTech also supports Medical Bill reporting in California, Florida and Texas

What it Does:
HealthTech integrated EDI reporting solution that works with your claim management system to eliminate duplicate entry, provide quality reporting edit checks, and send EDI reports to all EDI jurisdictions. EDI Exchange provides great benefits by avoiding duplicate entry and checking data before it is sent to the jurisdictions.

Value-add to DAVID Clients:
NAVRISK EDI module facilitates the exchange of EDI data with HealthTech. The module can be configured for all states and is automated to run on a pre-defined schedule.  It makes it easier to stay in compliance with each state’s regulations for Workers’ Compensation reporting thereby reducing penalties.



Claimwire provides workers’ compensation professionals and business owners with access to a complete library of state forms, state laws, and industry compliance resources.  Claimwire provides critical forms, compliance resources, and comprehensive insight to workers’ compensation professionals, employers, and injured workers.


What it Does:
Data-Ready forms allow software systems to populate the editable PDF forms with data, rather than be filled out by hand.


Value-add to DAVID Clients:
NAVRISK provides access to pre-populated data-ready state forms on all claims.  Ensures compliance with each state’s regulatory compliance for Workers’ Compensation reporting, FROI and SROI thereby reducing penalties.



For more than a decade, Succeed Management Solutions, LLC has been providing industry-leading insurance risk management services and tools that improve efficiency, reduce risk factors, and protect the overall bottom line.

Although it started it out as a one-person occupational safety and health consulting operation, Succeed’s founder and CEO, Curt Shaw, embraced technology to automate all types of tasks in order to improve efficiency and increase the quality of insurance risk management services that he could offer his clients. Shaw soon recognized that the tools that improved his own operations were the same tools that safety and risk management professionals all over the country needed to improve theirs. Succeed’s services and tools have since evolved into some of the industry’s most highly acclaimed solutions related to safety and risk management in the workplace.

What it Does:
The Succeed Risk Management Center contains a suite of software applications that help manage claims and OSHA reporting (Incident Track™), behavior-based safety programs (BBS Track ™), hazard communication and Safety Data Sheets (SDS Track™), Return to Work programs (Job Description Track™), employee training (Training Track™), and third party insurance compliance (COI Track®). Succeed also offers other support services, such as managing Safety Data Sheets and creating custom training courses.

Value-add to DAVID Clients:
The Succeed Risk Management Center is the most comprehensive insurance risk management, workplace safety, and compliance management platform available. This risk management product solution helps with specific aspects of the risk mitigation process.

sap-objects  The SAP BusinessObjects portfolio transforms the way the world works by connecting people, information and businesses. With open, heterogeneous solutions in the areas of business intelligence; information management; governance, risk and compliance; and enterprise performance management, the SAP BusinessObjects portfolio enables organizations to close the gap between business strategy and execution.

What it Does:
1) Enterprise Reporting with Crystal Reports - Crystal Reports is an intuitive reporting solution that helps customers rapidly create flexible, feature-rich, high-fidelity reports and tightly integrate them into web and Windows applications.

2) Ad Hoc Reporting with Web Intelligence - Web Intelligence is a Web-based query and analysis solution that delivers secure, selfservice access to data and intuitive information analysis. 

Value-add to DAVID Clients:
It is a highly configurable, comprehensive and easy to use reporting, analytics and business intelligence module, built on the latest SAP® Business Objects™ platform. Fully integrated with the entire NAVRISK VISION Suite, it offers insight into your data so you can be proactive and not reactive to your risk management business.

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Insurance Risk Management Information Systems

DAVID Corporation provides Insurance Risk Management (RMIS) technology via our industry-leading NAVRISK® Risk Management Information Systems to workers’ compensation, risk management and insurance professionals.

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