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RMIS for Complex Needs of Insurance Risk Pools

Are you a public entity or governmental risk pool without a risk management system? We know how risk pools work. Your members’ satisfaction is imperative. Typical policy management systems don’t address your special needs. NAVRISK helps some of the largest public entity risk pools in North America serve their members with precise rating; automated underwriting and integrated claims handling.

Public entity and governmental risk pools have complex risk management needs.  Their members are cities, towns and municipalities.  And there is nothing easy about insuring an entire city!  We know that risk pools need a RMIS that organizes underwriting and claims data to give clear insight into the risks they insure. The NAVRISK suite does of this and more by:

  • Eliminating disparate data sources and manual rating operations
  • Providing rating and underwriting for over 100 coverages required by pool members
  • Connecting through browser-based portal for agents, brokers and members
  • Providing actionable business intelligence with flexible ad-hoc reporting
  • Incorporating invoicing and financial reporting
  • Integrating policy and claims data to provide complete historical loss data

NAVRISK was originally developed in partnership with a risk pool client over 10 years ago, and is now in production across North America with pools of all sizes. With NAVRISK, our clients have been able to significantly reduce their cost per claim, recognize six-figure operational savings and cut administrative costs in half.

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Insurance Risk Management Information Systems

DAVID Corporation provides Insurance Risk Management (RMIS) technology via our industry-leading NAVRISK® Risk Management Information Systems to workers’ compensation, risk management and insurance professionals.

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