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NAVRISK Risk Management Systems: Best Solution for Self-Insured Entities

You take all the risk as a self-insured entity. Do you have the tools to manage that risk? NAVRISK can take the risk out of self-insurance by providing insight into your business that other solutions cannot. We count several Fortune 500 companies among those that have partnered with us to manage their self-insured workers’ comp and liability programs.

There are many good reasons to self-insure your workers' comp and liability programs.  But do you have the systems in place to do it right?  From high deductibles and self-insured retentions to multi-policy claims and reinsurance, NAVRISK is a risk management system that helps self-insureds mitigate risk and contain costs by:

  • Tracking self-insured and 3rd party policies
  • Integrating all policy/certificate data with loss information
  • Creating configurable business rules and workflows to automate claims processes
  • Offering predictive modeling and risk analytics
  • Reporting of FNOL and FROI online
  • Complying with state and federal regulations and reporting, including new CMS regulations

NAVRISK automates claims management and reporting to simplify processing while providing instant access to the data you need to make informed decisions.

Our first software product was created for Self-Insured organizations nearly three decades ago, and since then DAVID Corp has continued developing innovative products that help Self-Insureds manage their risks and claims processing. With NAVRISK, our clients have been able to significantly reduce their cost per claim and cut administrative costs in half to recognize tremendous operational savings.

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Insurance Risk Management Information Systems

DAVID Corporation provides Insurance Risk Management (RMIS) technology via our industry-leading NAVRISK® Risk Management Information Systems to workers’ compensation, risk management and insurance professionals.

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