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NAVRISK VISION is a comprehensive suite of powerful process and workflow management tools including NAVRISK VISION Data Analytics, NAVRISK VISION Claims, NAVRISK VISION Policy, NAVRISK VISION RMIS, NAVRISK VISION Property Appraisal, and solutions for MPL and Safety / Loss Prevention.

The software is a web-based HTML5 application and the flexible layout conforms to any device.  The robust programs can be licensed as a suite or individually and will scale efficiently to meet any number of users.  Each client can choose to host the application in-house or utilize hosting provided and supported by DAVID on servers maintained by Rackspace who follow the strictest security protocol and guidelines.



NAVRISK VISION covers over 200 lines of business including Workers’ Compensation, General Liability, Property, AL, E&O, D&O, MPL, and others. Our solution simplifies business processing by using intelligent software to automate decision-making – from policy rating and issuance to claim entry and settlement.

The NAVRISK VISION suite adapts to individual needs featuring visual workflows, reporting, analytics, and business intelligence tools – a collaborative work environment – and tools for monitoring, managing and measuring processes and productivity. NAVRISK VISION’s integrated platform focused functionality, and content can be shared with insureds, agents, providers, vendors, attorneys, and other insurance stakeholders.

NAVRISK VISION automates key operational tasks, minimizes manual intervention, establishes consistent practices, and provides operational benefits throughout your organization.

Managing workers’ compensation insurance programs is one of our strengths, DAVID has been and will remain a leader in this area, complying with the latest workers’ compensation regulations and providing innovative solutions.  NAVRISK VISION customers also heavily utilize the system to manage liability, property and other lines of business.

NAVRISK  VISION Data Analytics: Insurance Risk Management Analytics Software for Smart Business Intelligence

NAVRISK VISION Data Analytics is a highly configurable reporting, analytics, and business intelligence module, built on the latest reporting technology for instant-on data analytics and real-time graphs and charts.

Fully integrated with the NAVRISK VISION Suite, NAVRISK VISION Data Analytics offers insight into your data so you can be proactive and not reactive to your risk management business. NAVRISK VISION Data Analytics replaces separate, disparate reporting systems, creating a single configurable reporting and analysis platform.


NAVRISK VISION Data Analytics is the industry’s first Risk Performance Optimization program (RPO) that combines key performance indicators (KPI’s), scoring algorithms, dashboards, reporting and analysis into one platform. It’s faster and easier to use than any similar product and provides instant-on data. Users implement the program to achieve strategic high-value outcomes including claim expense cost reductions, staff productivity improvements, risk management improvements and better compliance with best practices.

NAVRISK VISION Data Analytics links transaction processing with analytics using a powerful infrastructure built around serving the needs of executives, managers, and users. Clients feel empowered and more confident in how they leverage their time, data and resources because they are smarter using NAVRISK VISION Analytics.

Best of all the embedded analytics used in the program means an easy to use and “instant-on insight” to key data for even untrained users. NAVRISK VISION Analytics brings tightly integrated data into decision making to provide superior outcomes for KPI, SLA, and best practices. Users get insight and intelligent assessment directly within NAVRISK VISION. The data is delivered seamlessly making even a new user a data expert.

NAVRISK VISION Data Analytics empowers users to:

  • Access and transform corporate data into highly formatted reports for greater insight
  • Visualize data for better decision making
  • Create and answer ad hoc questions about large, complex data sets
  • Determine trends from complex historical data and forecast future trends
  • Format, schedule and publish reports
  • Find immediate answers to difficult business questions
  • Configure ad hoc reports – any report, anytime, including “as of date” queries
  • View management dashboards

NAVRISK VISION Claims: Insurance Claims Lifecycle Management System

Backed by 32 years of advancements DAVID Corporation provides leading edge Claims Management Systems. NAVRISK VISION Claims is part of the integrated NAVRISK VISION suite and supports the claims lifecycle for Workers’ Compensation, Auto, General, Property, Professional Liability and many specialty lines from first notice of loss to final adjudication.

A user-defined rules engine simplifies the processes of setting up new claims and automates routine tasks to reduce manual processing costs.  A customizable user interface provides access to dynamic reporting and analytics capabilities.

NAVRISK VISION Claims integrates with NAVRISK VISION Policy, NAVRISK VISION Central and NAVRISK VISION Data Analytics and can interface with numerous third-party applications for seamless data sharing.  NAVRISK VISION Claims is a completely web-based solution that is available as a hosted or self-hosted model.

Highlights of NAVRISK VISION Claims:

  • Automatic notifications, triggers, and actions based on workflow and process rules
  • Access to performance metrics through configurable dashboards with drill down capabilities
  • Organizing scanned documents, photographs, emails and other correspondence to the respective claim
  • Detailed search capabilities to easily access data
  • Exports data into Excel with one click
  • Integrates with any third-party solution
  • Management reports providing detailed claim activity and financial analysis which are easily scheduled, exported and distributed
  • Compliant with State and Federal regulations
  • Produces OSHA 300, 300A and 301 reports
  • Generates FROI, FNOL and other state forms and reports
  • Provides enhanced reserve worksheet in order to perform reserve analysis based on best practices, claims experience and knowledge before committing reserve to the claim
  • Integrates with Hyland’s OnBase document and content management solution for a completely paperless environment

NAVRISK VISION Claims offers the following optional modules:

  • Organization Import
  • Medical Bill Repricing
  • Medical Bill Import from 3rd party review company
  • Employee Interface
  • Check Printing
  • Accounts Payable Interface
  • Electronic Reporting of Claims and Incidents (EDI)
  • Medicare Reporting
  • ISO Submission
  • PERI Data Exchange
  • Unit Statistical Reporting
  • EAMS Reporting
  • Claims and Financial Import/Export

NAVRISK VISION Policy: An End-to-End Policy Administration System

DAVID Corporation’s NAVRISK VISION Policy changed the rules for modern Policy Administration Systems. Originally developed to support property, auto, general liability, and workers’ compensation, it has expanded significantly to support Specialty Insurance Lines and has over 200 lines of coverage currently in production.

NAVRISK VISION Policy provides an intuitive end-to-end policy administration platform with a full set of features such as reporting, loss control, flexible rating, diaries, contact management, and a fully configurable web Member/Agent Portal. It automates labor-intensive underwriting processes, streamlines access to information, and delivers information to executives, underwriters, and agents.

NAVRISK VISION Policy tracks all lines of business for all states and automates processing functions that include rating and allocation, certificates, quoting, invoicing, reporting, renewals, endorsements and more. And its user interface provides intuitive flexibility and easy access to data and tools.


NAVRISK Policy supports workflow that streamlines the complete policy administration process from quoting to policy issuance. The Portal offers a secure, self-service platform allowing real-time policy transactions via the web 24/7/365.  Configurable to each organizations’ unique needs, it provides quote generation, new policy issuance, changes to existing policies and eliminates manual data entry and duplication of efforts to reduce overall costs and improve service to agents and members.

NAVRISK VISION Policy integrates with NAVRISK VISION Claims, NAVRISK VISION Data Analytics and other in-house and/or third-party systems, providing a full-fledged insurance software solution.

Features and Functions of NAVRISK VISION Policy include:

  • Premium Generation and Allocation for all lines of business
  • Premium Audits
  • Configurable Underwriting Questions, Rating and Rate Packages
  • Policy Quoting and Renewal
  • Mid-Year Policy Changes
  • Insured Asset Tracking
  • Current and Historical Data Management
  • Endorsements; Allocation and Endorsement Schedules
  • Automated Calculation of Ex-Mods
  • Invoicing
  • Excess Policy Management
  • Agency Management
  • Declarations, Certificates, Loss Runs, and Ex-Mod Worksheets
  • On-demand Reports and Schedules, Ad Hoc Reporting and Advanced Analytics
  • Diary Management
  • Process Automation and Workflow Tools
  • Integration with third party applications

Member/Agent Portal Features:

  • New business, renewal and endorsement quotes and proposals
  • Manage all Member and Agent Contact info
  • Easy navigation through all underwriting information
  • Manage and upload documents, including exposures
  • Access to reports – Produce Schedules and Certificates
  • Customizable proposal questionnaires
  • User inbox to view pending tasks
  • Proposal and Policy activity history reporting

Risk Management Information System (RMIS)

Our NAVRISK VISION Risk Management Information System (RMIS) support user goals for managing the Total Cost Of Risk with a series integrated programs for claims, policy, property, vehicles, vendors, insurance certificates, loss control, safety and risk tracking needs. NAVRISK VISION analyzes collections of claims, exposure, and policy data, generating reports and trending resources. Uploading data, running reports, configuring KPIs to monitor data trends, and monitoring the claim management processes for TPAs and carriers has never been easier.

For more than thirty years, Risk Managers have turned to DAVID Corporation for great Risk and Claims Management technology solutions as well as quality service. Our powerful risk performance optimization solution combines key performance indicator goals, scoring algorithms, dashboards, reporting and analysis into one platform for claims, risk and policy administration. Users implement the program to achieve strategic high-value outcomes including claim expense cost reductions, staff productivity improvements, risk management improvements and better compliance results.

Our RMIS solution suite supports more than 200 lines of business including General Liability, Property, Auto, Workers’ Compensation, and Professional Liability, from first notice of loss to final adjudication.

A customizable user interface provides access to dynamic reporting and analytics capabilities. NAVRISK VISION can leverage data from numerous third-party applications and carrier data systems for seamless data sharing.


The NAVRISK VISION Property Appraisal System takes managing property data to a higher standard. The core program includes key property details on buildings, content values per building, property in the open, and vehicles. The product includes strong valuation record keeping with a secure history file covering both current client value, original value, and appraisal value. This program is ideal for Risk Managers and Pool Administration executives and can be licensed as part of the NAVRISK VISION Claims or Policy Administration programs or separately as a standalone product.


  • Track full property data information including (COPE) Construction, Occupancy, Protection and Exposure information
  • Ad-hoc /user-defined field expansion
  • Multiple organizational hierarchy level support
  • Integration capability with external appraisal system data
  • Exposure information including number of employees and staff (FT, PT and volunteers) per location
  • Details on leased and owned property
  • User capabilities for property attachments and images recorded including public records, inspections, photos and site surveys
  • Policy data integration
  • Reinsurance and catastrophe reporting
  • Per member, per program year, per policy year information reporting
  • Supports multiple identification numbers for a property


DAVID Corporation’s fully integrated NAVRISK VISION MPL cloud-based Hospital and MPL Software provides 20% faster Policy and Claims processing than similar systems.  This revolutionary product is the most feature-rich technology available on the market and has changed the rules for modern Policy and Claims Administration.  NAVRISK VISION is easy to use and is designed to help companies like yours achieve high-value outcomes.

In addition, NAVRISK Policy includes analysis tools and reports that provide greater visibility into their business, which has allowed them to adjust premiums based on actual asset attributes. Reports that previously took weeks to compile now take seconds. The staff efficiencies as a result of implementing NAVRISK Policy have saved the company approximately 20% in related overhead costs. Employee morale was increased as employees are happier with the easier-to-use, more efficient system. NAVRISK Policy has proven to be a win-win solution for the insurer and the insureds.

  • Reduce the time spent managing your thousands of providers
  • Significantly lessen the time it takes to aggregate data for claims and policy for reporting
  • Efficiently identify individual providers that are risks on a claim
  • Manage provider data and facilitate adding the individual as a risk to any policy without redundant data entry

NAVRISK VISION Safety and Loss Prevention

NAVRISK VISION provides various key Safety related programs that cover a wide range of Environmental, Health, Safety, Loss Control and Risk Management (EHSLRM)  data needs. This data is often managed by staff in many different departments including; Human Resources, Loss Control, Environmental Heath, Industrial Hygiene, Workers’ Compensation and Risk Management. NAVRISK VISION also provides various Portal solutions for Safety that support the intake of Safety data and the sharing of reports and dashboards within a secured Portal.

The NAVRISK VISION Safety Risk Assessment & Reporting programs provide flexible and configurable data collection including; dynamic workflow capabilities, KPI integration,  integration with diary/calendar, integration with document/forms management, dynamic state forms content, mobile device user interface, secure cloud Hosted, SaaS pricing, integration and import capabilities from HR and Employee data, dashboard analytics, customizable reporting, brandable user portal for intake and service delivery.

What our Safety & Risk Management system can provide:

  • An online portal as an automated means for generating and updating incident, FNOL/FNOI reports
  • Incident information to feed the reporting process for identifying trends and specific areas for improvement
  • Move incident reporting from occurrence to claim management for case management activities
  • Populate OSHA 300 Log
  • Notification of stakeholder base with Root Cause Of Action ( RCA )
  • Assign corrective actions and manage to an acceptable completion
  • Track needs for staff training
  • Track staff training completed

Key Reports:

  • Incidents and types of safety events by facility, body part, OSHA recordable, near miss data
  • Certification/Training tracking of staff
  • Property damage per location
  • Incidents/Accidents by shift with trend analysis
  • Safety inspection documentation
  • Facility audits report data to collect data and report on
  • (Pre-shift equipment, PPE, harnesses, lanyards, BBS audits, facility audits), as well as tracking results and action items to be resolved

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Download Free PDFs and Videos

Access the full library of DAVID corporate literature and NAVRISK VISION product information. Here you will find additional videos, recorded webinars, and PDF documents outlining product content and our proven 60-day Pathway For Success methodology.




NAVRISK VISION helps clients achieve strategic goals and high-value outcomes.  Utilizing data analytics clients move from a defensive to an offensive position.


Create, define, and respond to real-time activity with better insight, using the NAVRISK VISION data tools helps inform users to make more precise decisions.


Quicker execution is the solution. Optimize key business processes and generate successful results you can see with instant-on data analytics and robust reporting.