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Risk Management Consulting Coupled with Seamless Implementation

When working with a prospective or an existing client, we take a consultative approach. We know that regardless of the size of your company, your dollars are precious, and we want to make sure that your investment in us is optimized. We’ve been around the risk management and insurance industry for a very long time, and have learned a thing or two about how to not only successfully implement RMIS systems, but how to incorporate best practices for optimizing workflow in your company. Risk Management Consulting is part of what you can expect when working with us.

During the initial implementation, a dedicated Business Analyst works with you to understand the intricacies of your business, documenting all requirements to ensure that every t is crossed and every i is dotted. Diligent project management based on the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) and the Project Management Institute (PMI) global standard ensures success throughout.

But going live with NAVRISK VISION does not mean that we are done – that is just the first step in what we intend to be a long and mutually fruitful relationship. An Account Manager is assigned to each client, who serves as your primary point of contact and advocate within DAVID. Our Account Managers are seasoned professionals who understand your business and are committed to your success.

So, looking for someone to bounce ideas around with? Call us. We are more than your software provider, we are your partner in success.

Data Migration and Conversion to NAVRISK VISION
Powerful Data Migration Tools and Best Practices

At the start of nearly every conversation with a prospective client, the question inevitably comes up. How will you migrate our data? The questions proliferate. How many systems have you converted? What is your process? How many times will our data be converted?

We understand your concerns. Without a proper foundation, it is a topic that can cause panic or at least set off a bit of anxiety. After all, you’ve been accumulating data for decades. Your claimants. Your policy holders. Your loss ratios. Your trending. Without this data- who are you? Where are you? You are your data and we will make sure you keep it that way.

We understand your business. Depending on the organization, data migration may occur once during the implementation process or it may occur regularly when new business comes in the door. A TPA requires data conversions on a consistent basis- it’s a signal that new business has been acquired and a successful data conversion is essential to hanging on to it!

With almost 30 years in the business, we have done hundreds of successful conversions using powerful data migration tools and best practices. Our clients consistently tell us how well it went. How smooth. How consistent. How balanced.

So, ask us. We’ll tell you how we do it. Your data. Clean. Carried over. Consistent.

NAVRISK VISION Hosting Platform

DAVID Corporation chose Rackspace, the world’s largest managed hosting provider as part of our NAVRISK VISION hosting platform. As a hosting service partner, they are well known for “fanatical support” and run the latest in security and redundancy compliance.

Our customers expect NAVRISK VISION to run smoothly, and DAVID offers a collaborative approach where customer support is provided at every stage in the process. Software and system upgrades are managed by a team of experts, ongoing service is provided by DAVID Corporation directly, so the customer has a product that is stable and performs optimally for processing risk, claims, and policy data.

Every system we install has its own discrete database, and content is stored in a secured SAN that utilizes:

  • SSL Certificates
  • SQL Server Enterprise TDE Encryption
  • Field Level Encryption of Passwords and SSN/Tax ID

Collaborative Software Development
Meets Comprehensive Tech Support

DAVID’s Client Services team is the core of our company, and we are proud to offer the best customer support in the Insurance Risk Management software industry! DAVID Tech support builds on the collaborative software development process to meet each client’s specific needs. Throughout the client relationship, a dedicated Account Manager and full support staff are on hand to answer questions, provide technical support and training on new features and releases.

Our support team members offer personalized service, whether it’s walking you through creating a new report or providing a refresher in how to set up a business rule. We want to make sure that questions are answered and that you have the information you need to excel in your functional area. Additionally, clients have access to a secure Client Center where they can access training documentation, submit and manage support issues, collaborate on product ideas and share tips with other clients.

Our user conferences provide an educational and collaborative setting for our clients and DAVID staff members to engage face to face in a fun and productive environment. NAVRISK VISION continues to be developed hand in hand with our clients through our Product Steering Committees and Development Partner Program. We are in regular communication with our clients about their business challenges and these programs channel those conversations into product enhancements and optimization.

We are committed to client success, and hold our client relationships in the highest regard. Industry tradeshows are like family reunions for us as we are always delighted to see our clients. We’ve worked with many of them for 5, 10, 20+ years! If you are looking to be treated as a person and not just a number among the masses, join our DAVID client family. You are a welcomed addition!

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Download Free PDFs and Videos

Access the full library of DAVID corporate literature and NAVRISK VISION product information. Here you will find additional videos, recorded webinars, and PDF documents outlining product content and our proven 60-day Pathway For Success methodology.


Navrisk Vision

Cut Costs & Optimize Workflow with NAVRISK VISION

NAVRISK VISION is a comprehensive risk management and insurance software solution. It has helped our clients reduce their cost per claim, cut administrative costs in half and recognize significant operational savings through automated workflow, a sophisticated business rules engine and integrated core systems. NAVRISK includes programs for claims, policy, billing, reporting and portal data needs.



NAVRISK VISION helps clients achieve strategic goals and high-value outcomes.  Utilizing data analytics clients move from a defensive to an offensive position.


Create, define, and respond to real-time activity with better insight. NAVRISK VISION data tools inform users and help them to make precise decisions.


Quicker execution is the solution. Optimize key business processes and generate successful results you can see with instant-on data analytics and robust reporting.