DAVID Corporation announces the release of NAVRISK VISION Gateway

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - (August 31, 2016) – DAVID Corporation, Inc., a San Francisco-based insurance technology firm, is pleased to announce the release of NAVRISK VISION Gateway, a powerful new insurance portal program. This cloud-based program is a next generation Portal Product which is ideal for high volume (100+) remote location client users. NAVRISK VISION Gateway provides four core modules including First Report of Injury/FNOL, Member Policy Processing, Risk Management and Dashboard Reporting. 

NAVRISK VISION Gateway extends the processing capabilities of NAVRISK VISION and is ideal for Insurance Companies, Pools, Captives and other member-based users who want to accelerate and expand their data intake processing and increase their data analytic reporting services. The product is built to service member clients, service providers and agents as authorized remote data users.

“Clients can expect to reduce their policy renewal processing time by over 50-percent using the new NAVRISK VISION Gateway program, based on early client examples,” Mark Dorn, President & CEO said. 

“Clients can also reduce their client servicing costs and provide better quality data services by giving members direct portal access,” Michael Hamann, VP of Development noted. “There are also new program capabilities for risk management data including consulting field reports, enterprise risk data and property appraisal data.” 

NAVRISK VISION Gateway is designed to operate on smartphones, pads and PC’s, and offers 24/7 access by any authorized user from any web connected devices.

About DAVID Corporation

DAVID Corporation has a 31-year history as one of the premier technology companies servicing the risk, claims and insurance markets. The company has one of the longest-serving uninterrupted independent commitments to clients in the industry. DAVID Corporation provides proven products, comprehensive technology and best practices that help clients reduce their total cost of risk as well as solve challenges in claims administration, underwriting, rating, policy management and reporting. 

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DAVID Corporation provides Insurance Risk Management (RMIS) technology via our industry-leading NAVRISK® Risk Management Information Systems to workers’ compensation, risk management and insurance professionals.

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