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NAVRISK VISION provides incredible analytics capabilities, but our Risk Performance Optimization (RPO) platform does so much more.  The combination of real-time reports and dashboards is augmented by embedded scoring algorithms that function within the Claims and Adjuster workflows.  Matching inbound claims with the most qualified adjuster to handle the processing.  And now NAVRISK VISION users have the option to also leverage the automated predictive analytics capabilities of IBM Watson Analytics using traditional and voice specific commands. 

The NAVRISK VISION Predictive Analytics Program yields better claim outcomes by achieving up to a 4-8% saving in loss costs by interventions that shorten claim duration or reduce severity.

Risk Performance Optimization

Risk Performance Optimization (RPO)
Your Link to More Effective Risk and Claims Management

Risk Performance Optimization Includes These Key Features

Enhanced With The Power of IBM WATSON

with the power of IBM Watson

Is the industry’s first and most integrated Risk Performance Optimization (RPO) platform that combines key performance indicator goals, scoring algorithms, dashboards, reporting, and analysis into one analytic platform. Users implement the program to achieve strategic high-value outcomes including claim expense cost reductions, staff productivity improvements, risk management improvements and better compliance with best practices.

NAVRISK VISION Analytics creates smart workflows within the application by linking transaction processing with analytics using a powerful infrastructure built around serving the needs of executives, managers, and users. Users can increase their productivity as they leverage their time, data and resources on the KPI topics that fit their strategic goals. Best of all the embedded analytics used in the program means an easy to use and “instant-on insight” to key data events for even untrained users. NAVRISK VISION Analytics brings tightly integrated data into decision making to provide superior outcomes for KPI, SLA, and best practices. Users get insight and intelligent assessment directly within NAVRISK VISION. The data is seamlessly provided making each user a data expert.

“The Risk Performance Optimization (RPO) platform featured in the NAVRISK VISION suite represents game-changing innovation that can help each risk and claims administrator make the move to high-performance outcomes that realize six, and seven-figure savings from improvements in managing Claim Leakage using our KPI, Scoring and Predictive Analytic programs.”
– CEO Mark Dorn
Risk Performance Optimization
Claim Score Card with Scoring History

Claim Score Card with Reserve History

Predictive Analytics & Scoring Reports



NAVRISK VISION helps clients achieve strategic goals and high-value outcomes.  Utilizing data analytics clients move from a defensive to an offensive position.


Create, define, and respond to real-time activity with better insight. NAVRISK VISION data tools inform users and help them to make precise decisions.


Quicker execution is the solution. Optimize key business processes and generate successful results you can see with instant-on data analytics and robust reporting.

Cut Costs & Optimize Workflow with NAVRISK VISION

NAVRISK VISION is a comprehensive risk management and insurance software solution. It has helped our clients reduce their cost per claim, cut administrative costs in half and recognize significant operational savings through automated workflow, a sophisticated business rules engine and integrated core systems. NAVRISK includes programs for claims, policy, billing, reporting and portal data needs.