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Data Conversion to NAVRISK: Powerful Data Migration Tools and Best Practices

At the start of nearly every conversation with a prospective client, the question inevitably comes up. How will you migrate our data? The questions proliferate. How many systems have you converted? What is your process? How many times will our data be converted?

We understand your concerns. Without a proper foundation, it is a topic that can cause panic or at least set off a bit of anxiety. After all, you’ve been accumulating data for decades. Your claimants. Your policy holders. Your loss ratios. Your trending. Without this data- who are you? Where are you? You are your data and we will make sure you keep it that way.

We understand your business. Depending on the organization, data migration may occur once during the implementation process or it may occur regularly when new business comes in the door. A TPA requires data conversions on a consistent basis- it’s a signal that new business has been acquired and a successful data conversion is essential to hanging on to it!

With almost 30 years in the business, we have done hundreds of successful conversions using powerful data migration tools and best practices. Our clients consistently tell us how well it went. How smooth. How consistent. How balanced.

So, ask us. We’ll tell you how we do it. Your data. Clean. Carried over. Consistent.

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