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NAVRISK Analytics: Insurance Risk Management Analytics Software for Smart Business Intelligence

Tracking volumes of data… every insurance software solution does that. But you cannot manage what you cannot measure. Risk management analytics are needed to make sense of the data, to give you the power to look deeper into your business. This level of Smart Business Intelligence (SBI) will help your bottom line by analyzing the past and predicting the future.

Look no further than NAVRISK Analytics, a highly configurable reporting, analytics and business intelligence module, built on the latest SAP® Business Objects™ platform. Fully integrated with the entire NAVRISK Suite, NAVRISK Analytics offers insight into your data so you can be proactive and not reactive to your risk management business. NAVRISK Analytics replaces separate, disparate reporting systems, creating a single configurable reporting and analysis platform. NAVRISK Analytics integrates with NAVRISK Policy, NAVRISK Claims and NAVRISK Central and other in-house and/or third-party systems for seamless data sharing.

NAVRISK Analytics empowers users to:

  • Access and transform corporate data into highly formatted reports for greater insight
  • Visualize data for better decision making
  • Create and answer ad hoc questions about large, complex data sets
  • Determine trends from complex historical data and forecast future trends
  • Find immediate answers to difficult business questions
  • Format, schedule and publish reports
  • Configure ad hoc reports - any report, any time, including "as of date" queries
  • View management dashboards 
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Insurance Risk Management Information Systems

DAVID Corporation provides Insurance Risk Management (RMIS) technology via our industry-leading NAVRISK® Risk Management Information Systems to workers’ compensation, risk management and insurance professionals.

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