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NAVRISK Mobile App: Seamless Claims Management on the Go

We all know that timing is everything. This is truer than ever, now that we live and work on the go, connected 24/7 with all our wireless devices. That’s why we have added mobile capability to our acclaimed claims management software. We’ve empowered NAVRISK users — self-insured and insured organizations, risk pools, third party administrators, MGAs/MGUs, captives and more — with the technology that lets them manage their claims seamlessly from the office to the road, digitally. We’ve put the most proven and trusted claims management system in the palms of their hands.

Making decisions blindly can never end well. Wouldn’t it have been great if you only knew about that major claim which was about to be filed just before you made that critical decision affecting your reserves? With NAVRISK Mobile, you will know about claims instantaneously whenever and wherever they occur.

But just having a mobile app is not worth much if the software it links to doesn’t get the job done, doesn’t really manage your insurance claims. The NAVRISK Suite is a comprehensive, integrated claims and reporting solution. In the end it is all about minimizing risk. So why look further than DAVID Corporation. We have more experience and higher-rated customer service than anyone else in our industry.


Reduce the time and expense of sharing useful claims data with all your constituents. NAVRISK Mobile puts your insurance data in front of your key performers….and right in the palm of their hands. Your Smartphone and tablet can provide anyone you approve with access to claims data and reports wherever they are in the world, whenever you want.

With the NAVRISK Mobile SAP BusinessObjects Explorer mobile app, you can improve your competitive edge by measuring performance and analyzing data anywhere and anytime. Combining the speed of in-memory data exploration and interactive views, this app allows you to search for, categorize, and visually explore the information you need directly from your iPad or your iPhone.


  • Push NAVRISK data reports to your smart phone and tablet users
  • Access dynamic exploration views based on any information source
  • Discover, explore, and personalize your favorite views
  • Get seamless access to critical information in online and offline modes
  • Share results instantly and collaborate with others on your device


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DAVID Corporation provides Insurance Risk Management (RMIS) technology via our industry-leading NAVRISK® Risk Management Information Systems to workers’ compensation, risk management and insurance professionals.

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