The NAVRISK VISION Property Appraisal System takes managing property data to a higher standard. The core program includes key property details on buildings, content values per building, property in the open, and vehicles. The product includes strong valuation record keeping with a secure history file covering both current client value, original value and appraisal value. This program is ideal for Risk Managers and Pool Administration executives and can be licensed as part of the NAVRISK VISION Claims or Policy Administration programs or separately as a standalone product.


    • Full property data information including (COPE) Construction, Occupancy, Protection and Exposure information
    • Ad-hoc /user-defined field expansion
    • Multiple organizational hierarchy level support, Integration capability with external appraisal system data
    • Exposure information including number of employees and staff (FT, PT and volunteers) per location
    • Details on leased and owned property
    • User capabilities for property attachments and images recorded including public records, inspections, photos and site surveys
    • Policy data integration
    • Reinsurance and catastrophe reporting
    • Per member, per program year, per policy year information reporting
    • Supports using multiple identification numbers for a property

To learn more about Appraisal Property System Please download our product sheet here.

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