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RMIS Insights™:  A Free, Open Community Supported Solution for Risk Data Graphic Analytics.

RMIS Insights™ is an open community Risk Data Graphic Analytics platform that leverages the power of a collaborative community of users that care about new evolving RMIS analytic models. It is designed to unlock smart, new ideas that help move the industry forward in strategic areas that make a measurable difference.

RMIS Insights is cloud-based solution provides powerful graphical insights which illuminate key RMIS data, leading to smarter decisions. The program, built on an open platform community, allows RMIS data from any client data source to be uploaded into a robust data transformation engine via an open standard for analysis.

Users are provided with a choice of analytic categories to find the best solutions for their needs and can select from analytic categories covering Claim Metrics, Claim Trends, Policy Trends, KPI and Data Quality. Once the user finds the analytic model that meets their needs, each graphic allows users to directly drill into the underlying data. It is the place to share a common platform of expertise, leverage pre built graphic exhibits and help build future ideas for RMIS data analysis of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) data.

RMIS Insights copy for website2The community is ideal for both large and small RMIS and Claim departments. Large clients with multiple data sources can consolidate their data and data analytic reporting in one platform. Smaller claim clients with data stored in Excel and isolated databases, can upload and leverage their data with high quality graphics and analytics. RMIS Insights is also beneficial for risk and claim managers whose older systems have report-only capability, yet they need, and want, robust graphic and data analytics without having to build a separate electronic data warehouse (EDW) or license costly training intensive analytic tools.

RMIS Insights copy for websiteData security is a well-planned part of the solution, and authorized users can control what data they want to load and view, as well as if they have data they may want to benchmark in a safe cloud-data environment. No formal training is needed and users can find specific data analytic views to review, print or share via email. The program’s instant-on feature automatically provides a library of dynamic, ready to use RMIS data views.

Users can register at https://rmisinsights.comto access the software and join the community of other risk managers who will be building and sharing ideas for additional analytic views and tools for winning results. Users can load up to 5,000 claims per organization free of charge. Additional claims can be obtained for $100/year per thousand.

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