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Why Choose Us?

Most Experienced

DAVID has been a trusted partner in the insurance software business for over 32 years. Our experience is unmatched, and our staff expertise reflects the expertise earned by completing thousands of successful client projects.

Award Winning Technology

DAVID stays ahead of the curve with award winning technology. Consistently voted a top product, DAVID recently won the industry 2016 Top Ten award from CIO Outlook Magazine for our new NAVRISK VISION products.

Leader In Innovation

DAVID is always quick to lead with innovative ideas and our new Risk Performance Optimization (RPO) program is truly an example our talents. Client are using this new game-changing new platform to move from defense to offense as they leverage this tool for data analytics, KPI reporting, and other strategic benefits.

Most Complete Products

We have 32 years of adding smart ideas and features into our core programs. Our programs are the most fined tuned and comprehensive programs in the market. They also include the best-integrated partners for key topics like CMS reporting, EDI compliance as well as for document management and other areas.

Easiest To Use

Being easy to use takes great product design. NAVRISK VISION features an adaptable user interface that includes four configurable user interfaces to best match the type of user and the use case needs they have. The end result is more productive and more enjoyable user experiences.

Best Quality Services

Having reliable high-quality U.S. based support and professional services is what DAVID does best. Our people and their ability to service clients and create strong relationships is well documented and often spans 10,2 0 and even 30 years. Their talents also help get new clients smoothly to a Go-live goal quickly with less stress.


The level of Hosting resource and service provided by DAVID is far superior to our competitors. Why, it is simply a safer, more comprehensive and more reliable hosting service. We start with RACKSPACE as a proven Hosting partner that is far superior for risk, claims and policy data than cheaper solutions from Amazon, Salesforce or Azure. It costs a little more but does a lot more. Our Hosting is also fully HIPAA compliant and your data at rest is always encrypted.

Leading Edge Insurance Software Backed by 32 Years of Advancements

As we have demonstrated for three decades, in partnering with DAVID, prospective clients can leverage our extensive industry knowledge to improve workflow, reduce costs associated with claims processing, enhance reporting capabilities and improve communication with all stakeholders. DAVID is committed to all this while offering the best price for the best performance.

NAVRISK VISION is a robust, feature-rich solution that leverages extraordinary industry experience, a proven track record of successful implementations, and stellar customer service. So, you can expect a successful migration from your existing risk management information system environment to one that will support your organization’s objectives today and tomorrow.

Core Systems Solution Providers

DAVID Corporation named Top 10 Solution Provider.  Read More…

Top 20 Technology Advantages With NAVRISK VISION

  1. Technology – NAVRISK is built on the latest Microsoft technology.
  2. Ease of Use – NAVRISK VISION Claims is intuitive and easy to use. The learning curve is very short and as a result, it has received high praise from managers and users.
  3. Hosting Options – As a web-based application, NAVRISK provides anytime, anywhere access. NAVRISK VISION Claims is available either as a self-hosted (at your location) or as a hosted option (hosted by DAVID partner data centers in a SOC compliant data center).
  4. Faster Upgrades – The web-based platform makes upgrades simpler. Users no longer have to have their desktops updated every time there is an upgrade, saving user down time and making more efficient use of your IT resources.
  5. Hosting – Private and Dedicated Cloud Resources. NAVRISK, when hosted by DAVID, is an ideal solution for disaster recovery. If a server goes down, your staff can continue with “business as usual”. As long as an internet connection exists, they can continue to access NAVRISK making sure that claim, risk and policy processing is on time. We provide hosting through our partner, Rackspace.
  6. Business Rules Engine – NAVRISK VISION Claims includes a configurable Business Rules Engine (BRE), which automates manual processes. NAVRISK VISION Claims lets you create your own rules, based on your specific business processes, such as setting diary reminders, sending out email notifications when payments need approval, and many other options. The BRE program offers you the ability to implement your best practices for maximum staff productivity and maximum claims adjustment success.
  7. More Automation – Automation of manual tasks not only helps users become more efficient in their handling of claims, it also helps organizations become more effective in claims handling and helps reduce costs. NAVRISK offers various new features for claims automation. NAVRISK also keeps the ISO fraud look up and OFAC terrorist look up functions in place. This automation combines with BRE business rules allow for more efficient excess notification, compliance and statutory reporting. Rules can be setup to prevent time-sensitive payments from slipping through the cracks, thus avoiding penalties. Rules can also be created to route the approval process through different authorization levels and limits, as well as helps close gaps in workflow. Rules can be configured to prompt users to take certain actions, rather than having to rely on memory.
  8. More Lines of Business Supported – In addition to Workers’ Compensation, NAVRISK Claims currently supports Property, Auto, Crime, GL, E&O, Inland Marine, Police, Professional Liability, Premises, Product Liability and other specialty lines.
  9. Personalized Adjuster Work Pages – A home page provides a personalized view of the user’s activity, such as a list of diaries, upcoming legal appointments, as well as a snapshot of claims statistics including open claims, month to date new claims opened, closed, reopened, and count of claims that are currently litigated.
  10. Better Search Capabilities – NAVRISK VISION Claims provides the user with many options for searching within the claim file. In addition to searching for claims by claim number, claimant name, loss date, and other standard fields, you can search for diaries, notes, contacts, vendors, providers, attorneys, and more data fields, making getting to important data much easier and quicker. Additionally, search results in NAVRISK VISION Claims appear in a grid format that can easily be exported to Excel with one click.
  11. New Reserve Worksheet – A reserve worksheet is available in NAVRISK VISION Claims that allows calculation of benefits before saving to the claim.
  12. Email Integration – NAVRISK VISION Claims includes integrated email capabilities. Users can now email secure links to parts of the claim to internal as well as external users. Emails sent are tracked in the Notes section of the claim for easy retrieval. Additionally, NAVRISK VISION Claims has an email inbox that can integrate with Outlook or other email applications that allows users to attach emails to corresponding claims.
  13. Litigation Management – NAVRISK VISION Claims includes a litigation calendar that displays a list of legal appointments across all claims. To narrow in on claims specific appointments, the claim calendar shows all activities surrounding the claim, including diaries, claim events, payment dates, legal and medical appointments.
  14. Single Sign on for Users – A one stop shop, NAVRISK users have a single login and depending on security rights, can run reports, issue payments, and manage claims from within one area.
  15. Document Management Capabilities – NAVRISK VISION Claims provides basic document management capabilities which can pave the path for a paperless office. NAVRISK VISION Claims also integrates with third-party document and content management providers, such as Hyland Software’s OnBase, for a more robust document management solution. A paperless, or nearly paperless, office improves efficiencies for the claims staff to have all claim documents available at one click. Additionally, companies can drastically reduce their need for storage of paper files and can allocate resources to other areas in the organization for maximum efficiency.
  16. Report Library – Reporting in NAVRISK VISION Claims includes a large library of management reports that allows users to save parameters for future use, a simplified scheduling process to automate report generation, and email capabilities to deliver reports to a users’ inbox.
  17. New Options for Analytics – Analytics are available as part of the reporting modules offered with NAVRISK VISION SAP Reporting. NAVRISK VISION Analytics provides risk and claim managers with the kind of insight into their risks that support an effective loss control program.Ad Hoc reporting in NAVRISK VISION Claims SAP Reporting is designed to be user-friendly and allow you to easily get to data when you need it. Drag and drop functionality exists to be able to quickly build reports that you can save for future use, as well as easily add graphs to visually display results.
  18. Optional Modules – NAVRISK VISION Claims offers optional modules for interfaces and integrate seamlessly with third party applications such as Franco Signor MMR/CMS, OnBase Document Management from Hyland, Medical Bill Review from StrataCare and more.
  19. NAVRISK Mobile –NAVRISK features a new user interface that is mobile friendly and can scale to mobile devices including smart phones, tablets and traditional pc’s.
  20. NAVRISK Provides Dynamic Dashboards – NAVRISK VISION features an integrated Logi based dashboard analytics capability. This includes geo location capabilities and provides even more including KPI’s & scoring capabilities.

 Client Enablement Through Exceptional Customer Service

NAVRISK VISION is a robust, feature-rich solution that leverages extraordinary industry experience, a proven track record of successful implementations, and stellar customer service. So, you can expect a successful migration from your existing risk management information system environment to one that will support your objectives today and tomorrow.

Our completely U.S. based customer service center is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., we offer personalized, direct support to all of our clients.  Additional services can include both online and onsite training, system customizations and configuration, data migration, hosting support and provisions, and any helpful advice or guidance users need to make the most of their NAVRISK VISION installation.  Our teams are highly trained insurance and software professionals with the highest level of subject matter expertise.  We have received numerous awards and have a running list of excellent customer reviews and testimonials.


“Our experience with DAVID’s staff throughout our NAVRISK Policy implementation was very positive, so it seemed only natural that when we sought to replace our existing claims system we would look to DAVID. We selected NAVRISK Claims and Central because we wanted greater integration between the claim and underwriting systems to better analyze our book and develop targeted loss control programs to help reduce claims and improve safety in our members’ worksites and communities.”

Director of Risk Management Services, Vermont League of Cities and Towns

The Sixty Day DAVID Pathway For Risk Automation Success

At DAVID Corporation we offer a proven and comprehensive service experience in how we handle customer onboarding, project management, and the Go-Live process.  We are sensitive to creating a final automation solution that compliments your needs in a personalized way. We deliver a solution that leverages your resources and work processes as well as supports your strategic objectives.

“This was a really easy to use project plan that helped us get more
from the evaluation process.” — Fortune 1000 Risk Manager

We are confident the following the proven DAVID Pathway For Risk Automation Success process will provide your organization with the most efficient, affordable and optimal outcome for your project. We look forward to getting to know you and working with your team during this process.

Download the full 60 Day Pathway Datasheet from our Product Resource Library

Group of three professional looking at an insurance software solution.

Download Free PDFs and Videos

Access the full library of DAVID corporate literature and NAVRISK VISION product information. Here you will find additional videos, recorded webinars, and PDF documents outlining product content and our proven 60-day Pathway For Success methodology.


Navrisk Vision

Cut Costs & Optimize Workflow with NAVRISK VISION

NAVRISK VISION is a comprehensive risk management and insurance software solution. It has helped our clients reduce their cost per claim, cut administrative costs in half and recognize significant operational savings through automated workflow, a sophisticated business rules engine and integrated core systems. NAVRISK includes programs for claims, policy, billing, reporting and portal data needs.



NAVRISK VISION helps clients achieve strategic goals and high-value outcomes.  Utilizing data analytics clients move from a defensive to an offensive position.


Create, define, and respond to real-time activity with better insight. NAVRISK VISION data tools inform users and help them to make precise decisions.


Quicker execution is the solution. Optimize key business processes and generate successful results you can see with instant-on data analytics and robust reporting.